Edgy Hipster Clothing

Edgy Hipster Clothing


Even though a lot of people have different styles, one of the styles that people would like to achieve is to look cool and this can be achieved by wearing edgy clothing. One of the reasons why a lot of people would like to wear edgy outfits is because it usually makes people look chic without looking that they have made an effort to look presentable to the people they meet.

You would have to admit that there are some clothing styles that are just too much. Some people love wearing clothes other people just cannot appreciate. However, it is not about how other people would perceive when they see the outfits that you come up with; it is how you carry your outfits and how confident you are with the clothes that you are planning to wear.

Edgy Clothing Basics:

Still, people sometimes think that in order to look edgy, they would have to have a few basic items:

● Rock inspired accessories. As we all know, rock is considered cool by a lot of people. In order to look edgy, people would have to have accessories that are not too common. Most people like accessories with skulls and even spikes.

● Black jacket or blazer. Even a simple tee and jeans ensemble would automatically look edgy with the help of a black jacket or blazer. The great thing about the black jacket is it is considered a basic item that people can use for a long time. Purchasing one will not go to waste because it can be used all over and over again.

Black Boots. Even though the trend right now is cowboy inspired boots, there is still something about basic black, below the knee boots that can make your whole outfit pop. If you would like to make it even more edgy, you can probably get away with wearing thigh high boots too.

● Stacked Bracelets. If rock inspired accessories are not your style, then you can probably just stack bracelets on one arm in order to make your outfit more edgy. Men in particular love doing this because the difference is obvious.

● Sunglasses. A lot of people who would like to look cool wear sunglasses. If you have eye bags that are hard to hide, then wear sunglasses. You can still look chic even if your clothes are very simple. Just make sure that the sunglasses you will wear will fit your face shape.

Other than the items listed above, edgy stuff are usually items that are either too basic or are just different from all the other types of items that are usually seen in different stores. Finding items that are not on trend may look edgy depending on how you would wear it. Some people would use the Internet to help them know more information about what type of clothes are edgy.

There are times when people who are more attracted to preppy clothing would still like to look edgy but they do not want to compromise their style just to look edgy. If you are one of these people, you can probably change your whole look by using the right accessories. For instance, a person can wear a simple shift dress which is consider preppy by people but it can be edged up with the use of a spiky necklace that can be worn just below the collar. It will automatically make the preppy outfit edgy and different. This is also the same with the usual polo and skirt ensemble. Putting on black tights and platform boots can immediately take the outfit from boring to popping.

One of the problems that people encounter whenever they would like to purchase edgy clothes is they do not know where exactly they can buy it. Some are very brand conscious and would only buy clothes from high street brands and designer stores. Some people seem to forget that it is not about the price but the style of clothes that would make a person look “edgy”. People who like fashion a lot and have mastered their own style can look edgy just by wearing what they want to wear. They can also find clothes in simplest places. Some people like purchasing unique clothing from flea markets. Some find it easier to purchase edgy clothes from thrift stores and second hand stores. Simple alterations can make clothes that are bought there more modern and easy to wear.

Aside from the clothes, people would also have to take care of themselves well in order to look edgy. One of the reasons why people look like they are trying too hard is because they did not pay attention to their hair or the state of the clothes that they are wearing. Being edgy does not mean wearing dirty clothes. Wearing dirty clothes or ruined clothes would only ruin the whole outfit that you are aiming for. It does not matter if you are girly, bohemian or punk as long as you like the clothes that you are wearing and you own your style. Edgy clothing will be easier to achieve once you know exactly what your style is.