Hipster Backpacks for School

Find the latest hipster backpacks for school today

With all the latest fashion and styles available today on the market, it’s a great time to check out all the hipster backpacks for school! From all the single plain colored backpacks with leather straps, to floral canvas style backpacks that are popular with the ladies. The choices are almost endless!

Some of my favorite hipster backpacks for school not only look great but have lots of storage for books, folders and other school work you might need to carry around. Lots of the canvas styles backpacks have additional pockets on the outside of the bag for other accessories, and other storage say for extra supplies like pens, notepads and calculators.

With the rising popularity to the hipster style, lots of manufacturers and designers are collaborating to make lots of new products for the look and lifestyle. Many of which can be purchased at most big named retailers and stores not only online but in person.

One of my favorite site to browse and shop for hipster backpacks for school would have to be urban outfitters. They provide a vast selection for both boys and girls, to cater to each style and differences.

Here are a few of my favorite hipster backpacks for school:

 Jansport Floral Chambray Backpack

hipster backpacks for school

This classic Jansport design, is a more traditional style backpack for the school goer, but features a wonderful floral printed canvas design finished with very nice suede trimmings. The exterior has pull-zip style pockets to keep your belongings safe. The best part about this is the big bag size, for lugging around books and school work from class to class. As well as the padded backing to help ease the weight of the bag and make traveling from class to class more enjoyable, while looking stylish!

Carrot Exploding Floral Backpack

hipster backpacks for school

This is another wonderful backpack, with its more compact style and canvas style crafted by the Japanese brand Carrot. This backpack has an amazing faux leather detailing around it as well as a antique metal hardware to compliment the faux. With It’s large interior and outside pocket, makes it great for school and hauling around large items. The shoulder straps are padded, to keep you on your feet and take off some of the discomfort of a heavy backpack.

Ecote Patterned Canvas Backpack

hipster backpacks for school

This is probably one of the most stylish bags you can get that not only looks great, but has plenty of storage for all your books and school work! This canvas style backpack has an allover print, coupled with distressed faux leather trimmings. As with most hipster backpacks for school there is plenty of antiqued hardware and magnetic snaps! This style has many outer pockets too for easy to reach compartments!

Now that you have seen a few of my favorite backpacks, why don’t you take a look and see if there are any that you like! Keep in mind that urban outfitters is not the only store where you can find backpacks, there are plenty of others that you can find online! Good luck and happy hunting!