Hipster Canvas Backpacks

With all the current fashion trends and popularity of the hipster style, canvas backpacks have been a great way to not only spruce up the look, but also to give your school attire a more fashionable one!

Urban outfitters is a great site and store to find some really neat canvas style backpacks. With many different designs and looks to choose from, you can really get crazy with your style. From Floral prints to the more traditional single color backpack with leather straps. The best part about buying from urban outfitters is because every backpack you purchase, they donate a years worth of school books to a child in need. So while you help yourself get the latest fashion addition to your wardrobe you can help out children that are in need. Feels good right?

If you are looking for a canvas style backpack that is not from a bigger store and want a more individualized look. I would recommend checking out these sites below:




You can also find more unique and personal canvas backpacks on these sites:


Here are some really cool hipster canvas backpacks that I like and that you can find on the sites mentioned above:

If you want a canvas backpack unlike any other you can also look on Ebay or Etsy. They will be even more custom and even “one of a kind” because of how they are either made, or by the materials that are used. I like Etsy because you are helping out a fellow clothing maker out, and you can get some really neat new clothes and backpacks that most people don’t have.

Another great way to find older style canvas backpacks, is to check out your local thrift and second hand clothing stores in your area. You can find some great bags and backpacks for cost.

Another cool way to find some different styles of canvas backpacks, is to go on craigslist.com and check out your local garage and yard sales. Pick a date to go out and browse the clothing and accessories that people are offering for sale. You can be surprised what you can find and for how cheap. Bring cash, and don’t be afraid to put in an offer or barter for multiple items, usually people will be willing to cut you a deal to get rid of their extra stuff.

Well there ya have it, hope this helps you on your quest to finding a new hipster canvas backpack!