Hipster Clothing

Hipster Clothing Styles and Trends

With the growing trends and business like Urban Outfitters and other ‘thrift like’ stores like Buffalo Exchange, the hipster clothing styles and look are becoming more and more common in today’s modern youth culture. Many teens and young adults are adapting the hipster look into not only their fashion sense, but more often than not creating a lifestyle around such fashion choices.

Granted hipster clothing is a great way to add not only some flare to your look, but also a fun and unique way to spice up your own clothing attire collection. Wearing these kinds of clothes will allow you to “bend the rules” and try new things that you normally wouldn’t due because of the vibe of the fashion sense. Women and men alike can both partake in this style, but the way they both dress can be drastically different from each other, yet keep the same vibe.

From the common denim looks to the more extreme leggings with jeweled short shorts there are countless style and outfit arrangements you can come up with. And we haven’t started talking about the accessories yet!

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Let’s dive into some of the more popular Hipster clothing outfits today and see whats really going on.

Hipster clothing 101:

Denim Jackets:

Starting with the more common simple outfits, most modern “new to the hipster look” will generally start off with the denim jacket. It’s easy to pair with, looks great on men and women and can be accessorized with patches and gems/dazzled easily.





Plaid Shirts and Sweaters:

Another popular look for men and woman alike, is the Plaid shirts. Long or short sleeve they can mix up any outfit and give you that “robust” lumberjack vibe at the same time. Great for men with beards and also paired well with denim pants, boots as well as jackets! Women can pull of the short’s with stockings very easily with plaid shirts. Many hipsters like to tie in the look with sweaters to get a layered look.



Animal Prints:

Animal prints are another way to really spice up the look and give some serious contrast to your “hipster outfits”. Women can pull of the stockings/leggings while tying the look together with boots and long jackets.


Formal Jackets and Blazers:

Another popular look for men is to dress in formal jackets and blazers. They can easily be dressed with scarfs, bow ties, glasses, vests and other accessories to spice up the look even more! Women can utilize the same accessories and add floral handbags, backpacks, or neck warmers!



Skinny jeans:

Skinny jeans is one of the most common addition to any hipster attire. These jeans can be easily paired with jackets, boots and other of the for-mentioned items above on the list. Women and men both can pull of this look and most hipsters do such!

hipster-clothing-skinny-jeans-3 hipster-clothing-skinny-jeans hipster-clothing-skinny-jeans-2

Granted there are many more hipster clothing outfits, these are the staples. With the basics you can create your own looks and pairings to cater to your own personal look and style! Have fun with accessories too, they are a great way to make your outfits stand out among the crowds. You can easily find these clothing in most stores in major cities or suburban areas. Remember to always hit up thrift stores if you can, you can find some awesome one of a kind clothing articles sometimes for really cheap!