Hipster Glasses

Cheap Hipster Glasses, A Great Way To Spice Up Any Look!

One of the best an cheapest things you can buy and wear when It comes to the hipster look is defiantly glasses! Lot’s of hipsters today like to tie in their look with over the top accessories like backpacks, suspenders, hats, cameras or even bicycles. But the one look that is most popular among all the fashion accessories is defiantly the black thick rimmed hipster glasses.

I believe that hipsters young and old, like to use the black sunglasses in their look because it is a very easy and affordable way to add another bit of flair to their look. Having black glasses can also work with lots of clothing and fashion styles because of its more neutral or easy to work with color.

Many brands and stores carry black rimmed glasses and are very popular among the adult and youth fashion styes. Many of them have the traditional rounded lenses style that can tie in great with a modern or retro outfit.

Here are a few cool styles when it comes to pairing outfits with the standard black glasses:


hipster-glasses-4 hipster-glasses hipster-glasses-2 hipster-glasses-3


Notice how the hipster glasses can add a nice finishing touch to the outfit especially when there is another black color on the outfit. Men can use this look with bow ties, jackets or just a plaid shirt! Women can pair these glasses with dresses, short shorts/leggings, or just a basic T shirt and skinny jeans. Both genders can easily pull this look off with most outfits, play around and find out what works best for your look!

Another cool trending look is to wear black rimmed hipster style glasses with different hair color. This is a great look because it plays off of the glasses and makes the hair and eye color stand out more, a perfect combination! If you have blonde, or a vibrant hair color I would highly recommend trying out some different glasses to tie in your look and add some definite spice!

Here are some female hipsters wearing glasses and sporting the different hair colors:

hipster-glasses-8 hipster-glasses-6 hipster-glasses-7

Hipster Olympics 2012


Men and women alike, both can utilize sunglasses to spruce up or add some flavor to their outfits. Granted the black glasses are the most common, some hipsters and fashion goers alike tend to also break from the norm and wear glasses that not only have different colors, but crazy patterns and designs. These sunglasses tend to clash well when paired with outfits that have unique color combinations or off the wall hair styles.

Here are a few style examples of using different colored hipster glasses to spice up your look:

hipster-glasses-colors-5 hipster-glasses-colors hipster-glasses-colors-2 hipster-glasses-colors-3 hipster-glasses-colors-4

Hipster-fashion-men Hipster-fashion-hair-2

If you notice, people that utilize the different shaped and colored glasses tend to use more accessories than with the standard black glasses.  This is a good look if you are going for that over the top or extra flair look. You can easily add some suspenders, necklaces, or just all around vibrant colors with your clothes to really make your outfit work well with the different colored glasses.

Where can you find a pair of hipster glasses? There are many retailers and stores that provide the different styles and designs you can browse through. For the standard sunglasses and black frame design I would recommend checking out these sites:

- www.houseofsunglasses.com

House of sunglasses has a great selection of black framed clear glasses as well as their own twist on the traditional look, with different colors and shapes you can defiantly find something worth buying. The prices are beyond affordable, at most glasses going for less than $10!

- www.horizonsunglasses.com

Horzon sunglasses has a great selection for the shaded sunglasses style. They have many styles, and different colors you can browse through. These are all great and tie in well with the retro style outfits. The best part is most of their sunglasses are under $25!

- www.urbanoutfitters.com

Urban outfitters is probably one of the most popular stores, and online retailers. You can find all sorts of cool styles, and colored glasses and sunglasses that can pair with most styles and outfits! Their prices are very affordable too, averaging around $25 a pair!

If you are looking for prescription style hipster glasses like reading glasses, bifocal reading glasses and or nearsighted glasses etc. I would recommend checking out these shops and online retailers:


The people over at firmoo have a great selection of frames and colors that you can get prescribed for your eyes. Lots of great prices and hipster glasses selection, highly recommended!


Frames direct have lots of options and styles that most defiantly cater to the hipster look. They even carry more luxury and expensive brands for those of you that are serious about your eye-wear!

Many other cool places you can find glasses are around your city or town locally. I have found some awesome hipster glasses while adventuring through thrift shops and local merchants. If you are looking for a more unique and custom look, I would recommend you check out sites where individuals make the glasses or customize them. www.Etsy.com is a great site to find such custom eye-wear.

There are many celebrities that have been seen sporting the hipster glasses and black framed sunglasses with there styles here are a few names you might know:

Scarlett Johansson wearing the classic black framed hipster glasses, matched perfectly with her dress.


Jay Z also wearing the classic black hipster glasses along with some other popular accessories like the scarf and long necklace, nice pairing!jayz-hipster-glasses

Joe Jonas is sporting all sorts of hipster attire in this photo, from the glasses, to the bandana headband, jacket and even bicycle!


Johnny Depp keeps it fresh wearing a classic black framed glasses paired with a wonderful hat and stylish facial hair, a great look on men!johnny-depp-hipster-glasses

Justin Beiber is looking great pairing a white framed glasses with his layered jacket/hood/hat style, great contrast!


Reggie Bush is seen here pulling off the classic black glasses with the sport attire! Looking fresh!


Elijah Wood has a great clean look on the runway combining the black framed hipster glasses with the suit and tie.


From modern “hit the street” hipsters, to celebrities, all people have access and are taking part in using hipster glasses to tie together not only their looks but styles! If you don’t have a pair by now, I would defiantly look into getting a set! And if you already have a ton of glasses (I’m guilty of this no worries) have fun with different pairings, try using different colors to contrast your outfits, or to make certain facial/hair styles stand out more! Just have fun with it, that’s what It’s really about anyways!